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MOTO 4 PRO 20W-40 20W-50


4 stroke20W40/20W50 motorcycle oil of SG level

ELF MOTO4 PRO 20W-50 is specially formulated to help maintain uniform viscosity over the entire life of the oil. This leads to consistent performance of engine even under different operating conditions.


  • Protection of piston and cylinder even at high temperatures: effective piston ring sealing is ensured. Additionally the advanced formulation also prevents oil consumption thereby providing protection even at high temperatures
  • Reduced wear of vital engine parts: the oil prevents formation for foam on the surface of the engine parts thereby preventing their wear
  • Prevention of clutch slippage: formula is JASO certified thereby ensuring that clutch slippage is avoided
  • High oxidation stability: the oil is designed to resist the oxidation process. This helps maintain the same viscosity over the entire life of the oil. Thus vital engine parts are well protected and life of the engine is enhanced.

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